Concept Camp: Not sure if camping is for you = You2Camp provide the experience before the investment.

Comfortable Camp: Weekends are short, all camping equipment pitched, just relax, don’t worry about packing up.

Children Camp: Even if parents do not have the desire to camp, every child should experience the adventure.

Couples Camp: Want friends to experience your passion for camping, but they do not own the required equipment.

Corporate Camp: Want the Team Build that will be remembered in years to come.

Cape Town Camp: Experience the beauty of the Western Cape.

Crazy Camp: An “Event” with comfortable accommodation?


  • We provide the required camping equipment.
  • We transport the camping equipment.
  • We set-up (and remove) all camping equipment.
  • We select the preferred locations based on beauty.
  • We keep safety and personal experience in account.
  • We consider Open Spaces and privacy.
  • We are flexible according to your needs.
  • We travel for group events with Units 3 or more within specified radius.
  • We have exciting events calendar for smaller groups.