Rite of Passage

MMC WC`S Mighty Ma, Ina Murison, has been toiling for many years now with the idea to introduce a ceremony which she calls The Rite of Passage to the Mighty Men and other Men’s Conferences. A ceremony where a father acknowledges that his son is a MAN and to give him the opportunity to hand over the baton/sword of manhood to his son. This has to be a God idea she says because it just never seemed to go away!
“My late husband, Barry, died when my son was only 9 years old and to raise a son on my own as a mother was not just impossible, it is simply ‘wrong’.
Due to my work as a Policewoman my son was exposed to plenty of ‘manly’ excursions and adventures. I thought I was doing a not too bad a job specially when my son phoned me whilst attending a men`s conference saying ‘Thank you mom for being the best DAD a man could ever ask for!’ Wow! But I knew that as a woman I could never fill the place of his dad and the lack of everyday ‘men things’ left a massive void in his life. During the MMC`s, of which I have attended 10 already, I realized that I was not the only one with this problem. That even though some of the young men and boys had fathers, most of them were in fact ‘absent’.
The importance of handing over the baton/sword of manhood to our sons is so important and I would like to see The Rite of Passage become an
extension and tradition of all the MMC`s.

silhouette-448352_1280These visual ceremonies should be happening before, during and after the MMC`s. And it should happen now!! A rite-of-passage is a tangible way to formalize your love and belief in your son. A fathers love is the key to help his son feeling motivated and to believe in himself, that being a good man is something to strive for. I recently spoke about this important part of a man`s life on a radio station and the dam wall broke over the air! I never realized the extent of the hurt out there.”

Just remember guys, your son was born ‘a MAN’ Now treat him like one!

Ina compiled a document for dad`s who would like some guidance and help in this regard. She calls upon dads who desperately need/want to make immense and do what is right. On Saturday night the 26th of September during the Mighty Man Conference, Western Cape we are giving 20 fathers the opportunity
to take part in this physical ceremony on stage. Send your details to Ina at mmc.wc@hotmail.com or give her a call on 082 850 4559 and she will guide you in this.

The ceremony will cover the following:
1) Rite of Passage

A ceremony to celebrate the most important time in a boy’s life.
It is an official rite of passage given to a boy becoming a man.
In its simplest form it is a celebration to mark the closure of childhood and the new passage into adulthood.

As a Christian this day is celebrated by praying a blessing over the young man`s life. For the Mighty Men it is the handing over of a ceremonial sword. Releasing God`s power into his life to empower him to prosper, do well and flourish. The rite of Passage is not just a once in a lifetime event, but the impact of it will have a long term effect on the young man`s life specially as a Christian. It is such an important milestone and joyous occasion that should be celebrated together as a family. It is an official recognition by a man (preferably his father) that can have an amazing effect on a boy’s life. It frees him from having to read constantly ‘between the lines’ from friend’s obscure comments about his masculinity. Instead that question is settled with the official rite-of-passage. He is then free to relate to friends in a more confident way.

There is no ‘right’ age for giving the rite of passage but it should be at a point when a young man can differentiate between right and wrong and can be held accountable for his actions.

During this ceremony, it is imparted to the boy that:

  • God, before the world was created, had planned for his life.
    He was no surprise or accident.
    He is on this earth with a purpose from God which only he can fulfill.
  • God made him perfect – God doesn’t make mistakes.
  • God and those around him, see him as a man from that day forward and will no longer treat him as a child.

2) Rights and Responsibilities
3) Characteristics of a real man

Ethical Responsibility:
Christian Services:
He rejects Passivity
Accepts responsibility (obligation, loyalty)
Leads courageously (brave, fearless)
Expects a greater reward

4) Becoming “A Man”

5) Why is interaction so important.

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