“It is not long until the world will see the Christ…

Take heart from this promise, for the day is not far off when men’s anguish will be assuaged…

For the tide is turning in favor of the light.

” We MUST give prime attention to the fact that the birth of Christ Jesus was the very first and most important initiation into duty. 

“Among the many procedures of which they made use that’s known, the first initiation is the most important.”

– The Birth of Christ! –

Our Mission Statement

To honour the Mighty Men Conference mandate through discipline and to be stouthearted ambassadors speaking from God’s Word and raising a one minded army for Jesus Christ in joy and unity in the Spirit promoting Christian Family Values.

Our promise

– to bring the Word of God to as many people as possible
– to encourage men to reunite with God
– help men to take back their role as Spiritual leaders of their homes
– to use the Bible as the Law
– to become fishers of men

We thank God for using us as a tool and for giving us the opportunity to serve Him We are stepping out of the dark to let our lights shine for Jesus.

Put your armour on and be a warrior for Jesus!